Frequently asked questions about Dodon 'til Dusk

Are reservations required for this event?

  • Reservations are required for Dodon ‘til Dusk to ensure that there is adequate seating, staff and service. Reservations may be made here, by calling 410-798-1126, texting 410-533-6447, or emailing

  • Once the event is at capacity, it will be posted on this page and on Facebook.

Can I bring children?

Closely supervised children are welcome at Dodon ‘til Dusk.

  • Children should always be accompanied by an adult, especially on the north and west of the road (the winery side), including trips to the bathroom.

  • There should be no sports equipment, running, or other disruptive activity in the pavilion and picnic table area. Balls and bats, kites, and other sports equipment may be used in the “bowl” to the west of the pavilion.

  • Parents should accompany children when visiting the lambs. Please do not allow your children to taunt them; when frightened, they will try to jump out of the electric fence.

  • Please do not allow your children to walk on the flower beds or lavender, enter the vineyard or other production areas of the farm and winery, or climb on farm equipment.

Is ordering dinner from the caterer required?

  • No. You are invited to pre-order dinner or bring your own picnic. No grills or cooking areas are available. Betka Yates, owner and chef of Read Food LLC, has created a summer menu that will highlight local ingredients and pair well with Dodon wine.

  • Orders should be reserved in advance as certain items may not be available for on-site purchase.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages?

  • Due to state and federal regulations, only alcoholic beverages that are produced by Dodon may be consumed on the premises.

Are pets permitted?

  • Only service animals are permitted on site.

Do I have to arrive on-time?

  • Dodon ‘til Dusk is an open-house style event so feel free to arrive at your leisure.

  • Last-call for wine purchases is 7:30 pm.

What do I do when I arrive?

  • You will be directed to a specific parking area. Since Dodon is a working farm, it is possible that the parking location may change to allow for certain farming activities to take place.

  • If you require handicapped or more easily accessible parking, please continue to the lot behind the winery building.

  • Once you park, a member of the Dodon staff will greet you, and if you have pre-ordered dinner, confirm your order.

  • Wine will be available for sale by the glass or bottle at the bar under the pavilion.

  • If you have ordered dinner, it will be delivered to your table as soon as it is ready.

What happens if it rains?

  • If Dodon ‘til Dusk is cancelled due to weather, we will post the cancellation on this page as soon as possible and on social media, and we will send an email to those with reservations to the event with updates.

  • There are no rain dates for Dodon ‘til Dusk.

  • Your dinner order will be refunded in full if the event is cancelled due to weather. Dinner orders will not be refunded in any other case.

Do I need to provide my own furniture?

  • No, Dodon will offer plenty of seating, but feel free to bring your own blankets, if you wish.

May I bring non-Wine Club member guests?

  • Guests of Club members are invited to attend Dodon ‘til Dusk at this time. If this policy changes, or the number of guests become limited, we will announce that news via email to Club members.